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Why Shiv Shakti International

Firstly, Shiv Shakti international devoted to quality and that's why the organization has access to the world's numerous customers. The excellent quality selection anchored by the company is what makes it stand apart. Our company has all the necessary certifications which are vital for the export of basmati rice over the globe. Secondly, our plant situated in the heart of that particular area which is known as basmati rice hub, as a result of which, transportation cost and distribution cost get reduced from the real value. So, it is not wrong to say that our price is very reasonable. Moreover, on-time delivery is our central purpose. We never consume additional time to fulfill the order. For packaging, we use exclusively natural, hygienic and dust free bags which are totally safe in terms of health.

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In simple words, Shiv Shakti International is a core of excellent quality, fair price, plenty of products. Our Basmati and Non-Basmati rice symbolic of delightful taste, refreshing aroma, and alluring appearance.