Points to Consider Before Buying Basmati Rice from Exporters In India


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Points to Consider Before Buying Basmati Rice from Exporters In India

Rice qualities mainly determine by the physical and chemical property of the rice grain .There is an indefinite number of types of rice distributed in many food supply operations.

As more rice types available in the market, consumers' demand for superior quality rice is increased. Grain quality is determined by a combination of varietal properties and environmental conditions which occur during crop production, harvesting, processing and handling. Supplied rice must be fit for human consumption and be of sound, fair and marketable quality.


Since the beginning of this decade India has been the world’s top rice exporter. The international market has a high demand for rice and India’s exports are generally favored in the sector. Our country’s agricultural sector has in-fact improved exports over the years recorded since the early nineties. Reliable Basmati Rice Exporter in India plays a crucial role in shaping our country’s economy.

How to Choose Rice Suppliers in India?

Nowadays, people are highly conscious about their diet and food items. Basmati rice manufacturer in India makes it possible to always choose food items with great taste and proper hygiene. When it comes to buying basmati, individuals often prefer long grain ones because the same not only tastes good, but also a superior grain that satisfies the person when he/she consumes.

It is recommended to look for the renowned Basmati Rice Manufacturers in India and know about the specifications of their rice variety. Long grain generally has the highest reputation in terms of both quality and taste. Trusted Rice Suppliers in India serving long and fine grains of rice are the best place when it comes to choosing the perfect food for your balanced diet.

To ensure safe packaging, an efficient Basmati Rice Exporter in India use only natural, hygienic and dust free bags which are completely safe for your health.

Rice manufacturer in India mainly supply the rice types as per the following specifications:

  • Shape and size of the grain
  • Purity of the rice
  • Color of grain
  • Chalkiness
  • Damaged and discolored kernels
  • Foreign material like dirt, stones,
  • Moisture content of the grain

Average grain length


The length and width of a rice grain are the important attributes that determine the class of the rice. A certain type of rice has an average grain of length7.30% respectively. It is the most important specification of average rice length. Due to this property, it contains starch and doesn’t stick together when cooked.


Basmati rice suppliers in India pay more attention to maintain flawless quality and purity (96%) in the range of rice as the rice are cultivated scientifically and naturally with no harmful pesticides or chemicals added. Clean rice is free from dirt, stone or other impurities which is not only good for health but also good in taste.


Since whiteness is an important characteristic for rice consumers because discolored grain drastically reduces the market value of rice. Although discoloration is a complex biochemical process, it can be easily avoided timely during paddy after harvest.


Moisture content influenced on all aspects of paddy and rice quality. When rice is harvested, it typically contains 20% - 28% moisture, depending on where it is grown and the atmospheric humidity at the time which can gradually reduce germination ability and deplete the nutrition reserve. So, it is essential that it is dried to about 12 - 14% within 48 hours of harvest before it can be loaded.

Packaging type

Good packaging provides not only convenient handling in transportation and storage but also attracts consumers to pay more. Packaging is essential to avoid spoilage and prolong the quality. Some superior packaging types are jute bag, pp bag, and non-woven bag. As jute is a biodegradable material while synthetic is not environment friendly. To ensure safe packaging, an efficient Basmati Rice Exporter in India use only natural, hygienic and dust free bags which are completely safe for your health.

Delivery time

The main concern for rice supplying rice delivery should be as early as possible within 10 to 15 days. Rice supplier in India thoroughly examines every batch on various quality grounds to dispatch a customized and perfect delivery.

To sum up it is mandatory to examine the specification of rice grain before buying because rice with superior quality is not only good for consumption but also good for health. So, eat healthy top quality basmati rice.