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Our plant has multiple manufacturing units in Distt. Ambala (Haryana) embrace the vast region with comprehensive in -house set up. We are the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Conventional & Pesticide-free Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice. We serve customers from last one and half decades. SSI managing the work with the aid of proficient employees and expand the business worldwide by providing a high-quality product to end users.

Shiv Shakti International plant has storehouse capability for more than 25,000MT unprocessed paddy and for 10,000MT processed Rice. 10,000MT to 12,000MT is per month capacity of our production house

The entire machinery of our production house is consigned from multinational companies of Japan, USA, UK, etc. The plant is wholly modern, along with grain conditioning, Storing and treating machinery. With the help of online sensors, continuous drying has been taken place in the drying plant that shielding its pure fragrance. A couple of milling plants with well-computerized inflow and outflow devices which generate 16 MT per hour. The milling plant also contains a chain of Pre-cleaners, De-stoners Precision sizers, Graders, Paddy separators Huskers and Colour sortex machines.

Central Processing systems of our Rice Plant:

  • Buhler Z+3 Sortex Machine
  • Buhler Polishing Plant
  • Satake Sortex Unit
  • Sella (Parboiled) Rice Plant
  • Steam Rice Plant

Our regular production aptitudes for:

  • Drying is 2000MT per day
  • Parboiling is 2000MT per day
  • Milling is 2000MT per day